Monday, July 4, 2011


Watch TOP BILLING tonight @ 7:30 on SABC 3 for our Telly Debut. Oh dear this is going to be funny.LOL!


Detail'24 said...

Oh my,I saw your house on Apartment Therapy a couple months ago and last week I saw a piece you did with Garden and Home.This morning I saw your house on Top billing,when the showed the dining room area I knew it was the PTA house I had seen on AT.I am going to blog about your house if you dont mind.Great home and oh I didn't know Riaan Visser was an Architect,I know his cafe in Hatfield.Please check out my blog www.detailtwentyfour.com
Great Work!!!

Detail'24 said...

WoW the interior Gods must be on my side!!

Sacha said...

OMW! That's crazy, clearly there was no escaping us...hehe.
Just checked out your blog very cool, and thanks for the story, enjoyed reading it.
What a small world that you love Riaan's Cafe. We huge Riaan fans, he is actually designing a new house for us at the moment.
Thanks!!! ;0)

Veronica said...

Fabulous home! Love your eclectic vintage style - so fun!! Saw it first in the TB magazine, then on the actual show on the re-run on Sunday. Love your blog- great inspiration - love the way you turn old things into gorgeous new ones!

Sacha said...

Thank you Veronica for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed watching teh show. So glad we can inspire you. ;0)