Monday, January 16, 2012



So this is what has been keeping me so busy. We getting there slowly.

Welcome to our stand, the site which will be our home very soon. Looking at this photo makes me so sad as my darling best assistant in the world Sooty, tragically died at the end of 2011. She just loved running around on site.

 The arrival of the long awaited Containers. The day they stood these babies up has got to be one of the most stressful days of 2011.

And the building finally started!

 We got these Stunning French Antique Bedroom cupboards.

A Bath! Can't wait to Splish and a splash.

A very interesting roof.

That's just me being a Builder Betty.

And some trees for the courtyard.


 View from the patio into the loung/kithen/dining area

 Swimming Pool or what my Mom refers to as the Foot Spa...LOL

Main Bedroom - View from the Shower into the room.

View onto the patio from the kitchen corner.

Swimming Pool is done.


Street View

Guest Bedroom En Suite

Main Bedroom.