Sunday, April 10, 2011


So remember lil Miss Before and After? 
Well today she is a whole One years old! 
I Quickly whipped up a mini birthday hat for her this morning. 
Had to bribe her with Woolies Chicken Liver Pate to sit still and pose, but  here she is in all her posing glory. ;0)


CyndivdB said...

Aw, congrats Sooty patooty!!

Your mommy is so super creative to just 'whip up' a fabulous birthday hat like yours!

Sacha said...

Thanks Cyndi ;0)LOL Lil Missy thought it was the worst idea ever.

Chicara said...

So cute!

Connie the crafterbug said...

I could not pass this post up. When I saw that little puppy face I had to come visit. Those are some adorable pictures and an adorable doggy.

Sacha said...

Thanks Miss C & Connie. Thanks for popping in Connie.

Lana {lanalou style} said...

Too adorable!!!

Sacha said...

Thanks Lana, adorable and naughty.

mikky said...

such cutie photos. so bittersweet to look at these photos after reading your recent post that your pup is gone. So sad and sorry that your puppy is gone. Looks like you loved this little one alot. I am a huge animal lover and still miss my dogs that are gone.

Sacha said...

Thank you Mikky for your kind words. We are totally gutted she was our 1st baby. 3 months later and i am still finding it hard to cope with her being gone. I haven't looked at this post for ages, and i have to admit it made me so sad, just seeing that lil face looking at me. Sorry to hear about your doggies.